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Express Package

Carribean Service

Service to & From the Caribbean: Select either International Priority or International Economy. Shipments are daily (Mon-Fri). Transit times are based on service selection and can be as fast as overnight to some destinations. Intra Caribbean Door to Door Service is 24-36 hours Transit.

US Domestic & International Service

A full spectrum of services are available in the Domestic USA and to Most International Destinations. Select your desired service from our service list.


Please select Get Rates and enter requested details to receive a quote. Select Create A Shipment and enter package details to submit a shipment for preparation. You will receive your shipment label and details for payment processing.
For Caribbean Destinations with unknown Zip Codes, please enter 00000. Quote currency is USD.
***Important: Accurately enter package size, weight and contents. Entering inaccurate details may result in Shipment Delays, Additional Charges and/or Cancellation of Shipment. We do not accept cash, illegal or illicit Substances for shipment***